Masterclass for SME Digital
Restarter Programme

SMEs are urged to continue to invest in Business Digital Transformation efforts, as well as boost productivity and strengthen your Digital Capabilities so that you can be ready to ride on the Economic Recovery.

12 Reasons why you should attend this workshop:

Empower Your Business with Powerful Marketing Tool, Online eCommerce & Sales Strategies.

Leverage on Social Media Marketing to Maximize your Business Reach, Result, and Revenue.

Many SMEs are confused with all the PSG's marketing tool for the business.

How to generate additional income from Online eCommerce?

How to Build and Implement your Social Commerce with integrated with e-Payment ready?

To understand why are you not getting effective results after spending so much ad budget?

How to generate traffic to your online eCommerce store?

How to get good comments and a 5-stars review on Marketplace?

How to implement engagement & re-engagement activities with your customer?

How to build up your business digital asset?

How to leverage the SMEs Grant to grow your business?

To understand the various digital sales strategies for the local business.



Course Code: CRS-Q-0041100-RET
Type: WSQ Certification
Course Duration: 32 hours

Course Description

Millions of dollars are transacted online every day via a multitude of online payment platforms and that was made possible via E-Commerce. As E-Commerce is constantly evolving to adapt, constantly changing to meet business needs across the world, this Masterclass is designed for Trainees who are looking to;
– Expand their e-commerce platform(s)
– Learn the effective ways of managing the platforms
– Gain insights & understand how companies are using e-commerce
– Using e-commerce to your advantage

Course Outline

– Learn eCommerce and how to use it for your business.
– Deep learning into proven systems by Shopify, Shopee, Lazada & other Marketplace
– Learn to monitor off eCommerce systems and understanding the measurement metrics.
– Analysis of eCommerce numbers and how they equate to your Profit & Loss
– Setting up an eCommerce business.
– and a lot more.

Module 2

Social Media Marketing Course

Ace your Social Media Marketing Skills

Course Code: CRS-Q-0040938-RET

Type: WSQ Certification

Course Duration: 16.5 hours

Course Description

As businesses move to online, Social Media plays an important & integral part of business. This Social Media Marketing course is designed for Trainees (brands/ companies/ marketing professionals/ individuals/ freelancers) to learn about;

– how to humanize your brand with content creation

– stand out among the online competition

– learn & discover the various techniques that be applied to marketing across various social media platforms

– take control of your social media platforms



Course Outline

  1. Introduction to organizational social media plan.

  2. Types of social media platforms, tools and their operations

  3. Using Social Media for marketing purposes

  4. Maximizing returns of investments in social media

  5. Evaluate potential and suitability of social media marketing opportunities

  6. Discover new methods of utilizing social media

  7. Monitor business outcomes through social media marketing

Module 3

Social Media Management Course

A Strategic Social Media Masterclass

Course Code: CRS-Q-0040942-RET

Type: WSQ Certification Course

Course Duration: 32.5 hours

Course Description

A Strategic Social Media Masterclass by SMTC (Synchronous and Asynchronous e-learning). Take control of your Social Media platforms and manage it professionally to maximize your business opportunities. This Social Media Management course is designed for Trainees (brands/ companies/ marketing professionals/ individuals/ freelancers) to learn about;

– How to manage your social media platforms effectively

– Creative content creation

– Content management

– How to use analytic tools to track content engagement

– How to manage engagement vs ROI

– Manage & understand your social media platforms like never



Course Outline

  1. Introduction & Use of Social Media Strategies.

  2. Understand & use Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Campaigns

  3. Monitor and Review Social Media Campaigns

  4. Ability to define social media management strategies

  5. Ability to define monitoring metrics

  6. Ability to identify opportunities to improve social media campaigns

  7. Follow-up Actions and Continuous Improvement on Organization’s Social Media Campaign

Business Consultation – Restart Your SME Digital Journey Course Duration: 16 hours

Course Description

Digitization and Transformation is not a turn-key event, where the purchase of a technology solution or the attendance of a training workshop magically enabled a business to suddenly jump from one point to another. Business leaders often struggle to select the most suitable solution (not necessarily the best solution in the market), choose the fastest or most economical path, and pays a fee for not adopting the correct path in the digitization process. The Business Consultation segment attaches a consultant to the management to provide practical in time support such as advice on applicable government grants, best practices in the industry, proven technology solution vendors with benchmarked pricing, and also change management consultancy and collaborative models with other businesses and entities:



Consultancy Outline

1.Evaluation on the business’s positioning in the current climate

2.On call Consultation Support

3.Advise on government grants and initiatives support

4.Advise on technology solutions most suitable for the business objectives

5.Advise on change management

6.Connect to relevant support entities (vendors, agencies, and associations)

7.Connect to like-minded businesses for collaborative projects

Course Date

Batch 18
Ace your Social Media Marketing Skill
21 Dec (Mon) – Online Class
22 Dec (Tue) – Online Class
eCommerce Masterclass
13 Jan (Wed) – Classroom
14 Jan (Thurs) – Classroom
15 Jan(Fri) – eLearning
18 Jan (Mon) – eLearning / Classroom
A Strategic Social Media Masterclass
20 Jan (Wed) – Online Class
21 Jan (Thurs) – Online Class
22 Jan (Fri) – eLearning
25 Jan (Mon) – Online Class 

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) subsidy is based on learner’s eligibility, fulfilling SSG required attendance hours, deemed competent by SSG via criteria such as the passing of assessments and final approval subject to SSG.

Stag Match Private Limited reserves the right to bill the learner full course fee in any event that their SSG subsidy for the course is not approved by SSG.

  • Application fee is non-refundable
  • Prices subject to change.